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Alaska EMS Symposium

Presented by: Southern Region EMS Council

Southern Region Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. (SREMSC) is a non-profit corporation established in 1975 to serve as a regional resource center for the emergency medical services system in southcentral and southwestern Alaska. The region covers an area of 192,369 square miles, extending more than 2,000 miles across, from Cordova in the east to Attu Island in the west. The region serves 100 ambulance and first responder services from the biggest city to the smallest towns and villages, ranging in population size from 25 to 260,000. Two-thirds of those communities are very remote, and do not have access to the rest of the state by road.

Why Choose Alaska EMS Symposium

Help improve Alaska's pre-hospital emergency care.

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The mission of Southern Region EMS Council is Improve the quality, availability and sustainability of emergency patient care.

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SREMSC is a devoted team working for all the people of EMS, helping them provide the best in patient care, integrating them into the health care team, and ensuring their commitment and value are recognized. We promote growth and development of community EMS. We promote excellence in patient care, quality management, injury prevention, and professionalism. We value the volunteer and paid providers of emergency care.

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Promote excellence in emergency care support and strengthen emergency medical services. Foster relationships with regional and statewide systems.

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We promote excellence in Emergency Medical Service throughout our Region by fostering self-sustaining EMS organizations that place their trust in us and look to us for guidance. We provide information on new technologies, changing standards and the most up-to-date EMS practices. We enhance patient care through the highest quality instruction, continuing education, quality assurance programs, and training in management principles. We encourage EMS personnel to become involved in regional, state and national organizations. We work together to further EMS, participate in its growth, and develop its standards. We provide instructor training and resources to promote each community's independence, and where resources are limited, we assist communities through other means.

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