Information About Continuing Education Policy and Process

All continuing education at the Alaska EMS Symposium will be recorded electronically. Your badge will be scanned when you enter all educational sessions.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have been scanned into a session.

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Remember which email address you used to register with. You will need that email to log in to the Certificate site to retrieve your CME Certificate.

2. Volunteer scanners will be standing at the doors of each session. There will be at least one scanner for all lectures; larger sessions will have more.

3. Have your badge ready – that means out and up high so they can quickly scan your badge. If you do not have your badge ready you will be pulled out of line to find it, then scanned in.

4. You must be present 45 minutes to receive credit. That means we will not scan people in later than 15 minutes after the class starts. For instance, on a class that starts at 8:30 am, volunteers will do an entry scan until 8:45 am.

5. If you must leave during class, for instance to go to the bathroom or take a call, you will be scanned out and scanned back in. Please make your bathroom break or phone call quick – the computer software is going to know how long you were out of the class, and you must be present for 45 minutes to receive credit.

6. Volunteers will NOT scan you out once a session has ended. If a session ends early, you will get full credit for attending the session.

7. ALSO IMPORTANT: Keep a record of what you attended so you can make sure the scans are correct. There will be a page in your event program to record your continuing education.

After the symposium:

1. Link to the Continuing Education webpage from beginning one week after the last day of the symposium.

2. Log in using the email address that you used to register for the Alaska EMS Symposium.

3. Print off your certificate and check for accuracy against the log you kept.

4. Access to CE records will be available through November 18, 2024 on that website.

5. If there is a discrepancy between your records and the CE certificate, or you have questions, email: [email protected].

  • Look for scanners (wearing bright volunteer vests) near the room entrance. Each room will have at least one, more for larger rooms.
  • Have Your badge out and hold it up so scanner can read it quickly.
  • Make note of what you attend so you can check CE certificate for accuracy.
  • You must be scanned into a session for 45 minutes to receive credit. (If class ends early don’t worry.)
  • Make phone calls and bathroom stops between classes.
  • Have Fun!!

Southern Region EMS Council is an approved CE provider through the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Office of EMS under 7AAC 26.115

Southern Region EMS Council is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15866, for issuing contact hours

If you met all the requirements your Continuing Education credits were uploaded to your Training Record in the Alaska EMS License Management System Public Portal.